People and Robots Teaching and Learning (PoRTaL) group is part of Cornell Computer Science. Our mission is to enable robots to work seamlessly alongside human partners in the wild. To this end, our work focuses on imitation learning, decision making and human-robot interaction. We are passionate about both theory and algorithms that equip robots with skills to work with people. We focus on settings where a robot continually interacts with humans and its environment on domains such as collaborative mobile manipulation.

If you are interested in working with us, please read this note.


Feb 5, 2023 Welcome the newest PoRTaLites - David Wu, Prithwish Dan, Neha Sunkara, Gonzalo Gonzales and Yash Sharma!
Jan 29, 2023 Kicking off the new year with new papers! “Impossibly Good Experts and How to Follow Them” accepted at ICLR 2023, “Guided Incremental Local Densification” accepted for ICRA 2023.
Dec 9, 2022 Thanks everyone for coming to PORTAL’s first holiday social! We had a blast showing you our wonderful robots, HAL and DORA, and our plans to take over the world ;)
Dec 6, 2022 HAL’s first autonomy run! They grow so fast …
Nov 23, 2022 Unveiling our first robot HAL (Home Apprentice Learner)! Checkout how we are teaching HAL from demonstrations
Nov 20, 2022 We are coming to NeurIPS. Come checkout our two papers - Sequence Model Imitation Learning with Unobserved Contexts and Minimax Optimal Online Imitation Learning via Replay Estimation!
Aug 1, 2022 Welcome founding members of PoRTaL: Yuki Wang, Kushal Kedia, Juntao Ren, Kelly Chen, Nathaniel Chin, Edward Gu!
Jul 6, 2022 The PoRTaL is now open!